My Pretty Flower.

“A Girls relationship with her vagina is forever”       I was introduced to my flower by someone in my family telling me it was ugly. I was eight and in a bubble bath with my sister. You see, we LOVED to swim – we were never really good at it, but I secretly […]

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Broadcasted warnings of the coldest day in 2016 can’t keep away the masses looking to submerge themselves in a bit of culture. Art beautifully hung on the walls in what I can only call a whimsical pattern of enlightment and edge. Talks of global change canvas the area, every room providing a different out-let. Who […]

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Hello, ill make this brief.

Welcome! Firstly, I’d like to thank you for even reading this – I’m eternally grateful. No, really – I am. I know me, i know my patterns my faults. The issues i face within my own mind – my inconsistencies. I battle constantly between feeling too much and at times not feeling at all. Is […]

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